Can be the this one the "Mama Matrix Most Mysterious"?
Name Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Block 5
Idea Catcher What idea have you got? Why do you think you got it? What do you expect by its implementation? How can it be useful to other people? How do you translate it into the tangible world?
Free Writing -1- -2- -3- -4- -5-
General Project Hook/Question Relatable Problem Problem Amplification Proposal/Resolution Ideal Result
5BP (Five Blocks Poetry) Time Environment Subject Object Communion
Bildungsroman Emotional Immaturity Conflict Journey Challenge Emotional Maturity
Character Creator Extraversion Agreeableness Conscientiousness Neuroticism Openness to experiences
Email Salutation Purpose Content Call To Action Greetings
Fable Introduction Struggle Moment of choice Resolution Moral
Fable (Propp) Introduction Breakdown of Balance Quest and Fight Hero's Return Moral
Fichtean Curve Rising Action Series of increasingly troubling Crises/Obstacles Climax. Falling Action Some kind of Resolution
Literary Fiction Introduction Escalation Climax De-escalation End (Bad/Happy/Open)
Mistery Incident Suspects Clues Guessing Resolution
Mukashi-banashi Lack Treachery Unstable Relation Struggle Stable Relation
Plot Ideas When Where Who What Why
Post on Hook Reader Present Problem Relate to Problem Solve Problem Suggest CTA
Post on Tweeter/X Hook Reader Present Problem Relate to Problem Solve Problem Suggest CTA
Product Presentation Introduction - Company overview Problem Statement Product Solution Cases - Social Proof Conclusion and Call-To-Action
Research Methodology Report Introduction Methods Results Discussion Conclusions/Recommendations
Romance Solitude Love Climax Resolution Relation
SPIN (営業トーク) Introduction (Not Mandatory) Customer's Situation Customer's Problem Problem's Implication Customer's Need
Story Plan Plot Setting Characters Conflicts Theme
The Hero’s Journey Ordinary World - Call to Adventure - Refusal of the Call Meeting the Mentor - Crossing the Threshold - Allies, Enemies The Inmost Cave - Ordeal Reward - The Road Back Resurrection - The Return with the Elixir
Tragedy (Freytag's Pyramid) Introduction Rising Action Climax Fall Catastrophe
Tutorial What you will learn Skill or Technique Experiment Homework Conclusion