Sunday 1st of October 2023
Public Beta Launch
Wednesday 4th of October 2023
Blinking Buttons ・ The alerting blinking has been removed as flagged as bothersome by some users.
Monday 9th of October 2023
BG Color Change ・ It is now possible, in Settings, to select a background color from a list of presents.
Wednesday 11th of October 2023
Password Change ・ It is now possible to change Password in the Settings.
Thursday 12th of October 2023
Hints by famous writers ・ Writing hints by famous writers have been added in the dashboard to welcome and bless your daily writing routine. They can be switched off from the Settings.
Saturday 14th of October 2023
Narrative Matrix ・ A table showing all available narrative structures has been added:
Sunday 15th of October 2023
Prompter has been updated. ・ It is now possible to:

- control the text with mouseover, to avoid clicking sounds during recording
- force the scroll back and forward with mouse-wheel, to adjust the pace of reading
- flip horizontally the text for use on professional hardware.